• Virtual Tour Standard Features & Upgrades

  • Virtual tour galleries just got a whole lot fancier with Google Map enabled MyGallery.  Each time we create a virtual tour for our customers their MyGallery page will auto populate the virtual tour info onto the page. Our new galleries are also easy to forward to a custom URL or Domain Name.  

    View an agent gallery page

  • Our DeepStats take virtual tour traffic reporting to the next level by providing you and your clients with more information than ever before. We now report on the number of times your virtual tour has been emailed, downloaded, shared on social sites, viewed on a mobile phone, sent to others, accessed via QR code, viewed on your MLS board, and all this is organized by day, month, quarter, and year!

  • You will be able to track the number of times various tools on the virtual tour are used such as the E-Flyer, Printable Brochure or Download tour.  Finally we're pleased to announce that you can now login to your agent toolbox and have your hit reports go out to your clients from you any day of the week. This valuable information is yours with the click of a mouse!

    View a sample report

  • ChipShot tours are smart. Very smart! To ensure maximum compatibility and exposure a mobile compatible version of your virtual tour will automatically be delivered to viewers using a web enabled device. Furthermore, we track your mobile hits and QR code scans and send them to your hit report each week. Have a gyro enabled phone or device? Even better! Pan, tilt and move interactively through panoramas and scenes within virtual tours by steering your device in the direction that you would like to navigate. That's certain to leave them talking about you! Our new Tour2QR feature even shows you how many people scan your QR Code with a mobile device.

  • Our new Lead Grabber feature is one of FOUR ways in which your interactive virtual tours from ChipShot MEDIA send you leads. When enabled our lead generation tools collect the visitors' information off of your virtual tours and notify you via email.  From there you can simply login and download your leads. Be sure to ask us about all four of our lead generation tools!

  • Your Agent Toolbox is one of our favorite features that we've brought to you.  You're now able to login, change tour status banners, make price changes, mark listings as sold, snag your leads, setup your customers to receive your weekly hit reports, print off your flyers, download images, edit preferences and so much more. You're going to love how easy it is manage your virtual tours and marketing tools from a single login.

  • AstroZoom Upgrade
  • Looking for a way to WOW visitors and customers with your virtual tour?  Our latest and greatest feature grabs viewers’ attention with something they’ve never seen before: an outer space fly in! AstroZoom lets you zoom in to your property from outer space. We’ll create this powerful, visually stunning video that starts with a view of Earth from space, and zeroes in on your property.  The AstroZoom can be added to your virtual tour for an Out of This World Experience!

  • Video Output Upgrade
  • Do you have a YouTube channel for your property listings?  Do you need a video for Social Media?  If so, let us create an optimized video of your Virtual Media Presentation you can upload directly online.  

    Gain additional exposure with this invaluable and inexpensive add-on to any of our virtual tour packages.

  • You loved our flyers before and now ChipShot Fusion gives you even more amazing, elegant looking printable flyers. Our new flyers are an inexpensive upgrade to your tours.  

    Have your QR Code and online virtual tour link added and make you look better than ever before!

    Get a QR Code with every Custom Flyer Order!

    Use our QR code on all of your print materials so potential customers are just a click away from your virtual tour. Fusion will even show you each week how many people have scanned your QR code! Amazing!